HUANG Zhongyi- A Revolutionary Life
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HUANG Zhongyi is a professor nearly ninety years old. During the war times in the last century, she was engaged in the underground activities through trials of death. Feeling both excited and a little nervous to interview such an aged person with rich experiences, I knock at Prof. HUANG’s door.

The door opened and standing in front of me is just Prof. HUANG Zhongyi, a petit old lady with sparkling eyes and well-combed hair in a neat blouse. Though it is our first meet, she treats me as an old friend, smiling and welcoming me into her house. The furniture in her house are old fashioned but well-arranged.

Growing up in turbulence and war, I received education of patriotism when I was a child. Referring to the enlightenment education during his childhood, Prof. HUANG has much to say. Though her mother was only a housewife with little schooling, but she is literate and patriotic, so she developed a habit of reading newspapers every day and concerned about the current affairs. All this exerts subtle cognitive influences on the young HUANG Zhongyi.

In February 1940, Huang Zhongyi was admitted to China Journalistic Institute in Hong Kong. Later, Huang Zhongyi was enrolled in the Lingnan College, in which she took part in the Book Club founded by the progressive teachers and students. The Club took the risk to protect and transfer progressive books and newspapers under the Japanese attack. In December 1941 when Hong Kong fell into the grip of Japanese, Huang Zhongyi and her family moved to Shaoguan in Guangdong. Based on their common love and pursuit in the anti-Japanese war, some patriotic students gathered together to read progressive books and newspapers, and later they established the Book Club, of which Huang Zhongyi is one of the members. Such banned books as History of the Chinese Revolution, History of The Communist Party of Soviet Union, etc. were cherished by HUANG Zhongyi and her friends.

In April 1945, Huang Zhongyi encountered her classmate Li Jianxi. "The next day, he invited me to his house. The moment I sat down, he asked me if I would like to go to the guerilla area. Without second thought, I answered firmly 'Yes!'" She recalls this with a twinkle in her eyes. "Why would I go there? The answer is without anti-Japanese war, we can’t see the bright future of China."

In the guerilla area, though in harsh conditions, HUANG Zhongyi was, in her own words, "wild with joy", because she was free from the surveillance of Kuomingtang and the control of Janpanese. Later in September 1946, HUANG Zhongyi returned to Lingnan College, where she joined the Communist Party of China in the next May, thus becoming the first member of the Communist Party in Lingnan College.

After the founding of People’s Republic of China, Huang Zhongyi was assigned to work in the Guangzhou Department of China Academy of Sciences. "At that time, Guangzhou Department was not completely put into operation. Staying idle made me feel at no ease, so I applied to change my job." Eventually, Huang Zhongyi was appointed as a lecturer of English in South China Institute in September, 1961.

At that time, it was difficult to teach English because the English background of the students was poor. In order to help them lay a good foundation in English, Prof. HUANG spared her leisure time to coach the students. On the one hand, she imparted knowledge to them without reservation. On the other hand, she had an open mind to accept the opinions and suggestions given by the students to improve her teaching method. Later, she was highly appraised by Prof. FENG Binshuang, director of Office of Teaching Affairs for her effective teaching.

Prof. HUANG’s modesty and easy-going won the trust from her students. Many students still kept in touch with her after graduation. Referring to her deep emotional connection with her students, she picks up a delicate cup with the inscription "To Prof. HUANG Zhongyi for her tireless teaching, on National Day, 1974". The cup has been treasured by Prof. HUANG till now.

In 1982, Huang Zhongyi retired from the Southern China Institute of Technology. After that, she took up a work position in the Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation. She often tells her war times experiences to pupils, middle school as well as college students and passes patriotism to them. "I always tell them to cherish the happy life at present. Without the devotions of the forefathers and the Communist Party, we cannot live such a harmonious life, "said Prof. HUANG with emotion.

On Huang Zhongyi's desk lying two albums, which she treasured a lot. Inside them, many black-and-white photographs are neatly placed. One of the photos is a resolute girl in elegant cheongsam smiling at us. Youth and passion can easily be seen on her face in spite of time and space, which encourages us young fellows to take on social responsibility and step forward bravely when in need to achieve the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and Chinese Dream.

Edited by HU Nanping and XIE Ruizhen
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