Before sunset at the North Lake
May 15,2016 11:30:11 readCount:728
This picture was taken from the east of the North Lake before sunset. For visitors who may not be familiar with the history of Wushan Campus, the North Lake is just another man-made lake, whereas its surroundings are rich in stories and relics hidden behind the modern teaching buildings and plantations in the picture.
Since the Late Qing Period, the ridge on the northeast of the lake were known as Liang Hill of Old Barracks, where used to be a military camping area for the Black Flag Army commanded by General Liu Yongfu, a Chinese patriot who was eminent for his victories against the French invasions and his efforts in defending Taiwan against the Japanese army.
In 1937, Liuyiting, a pavilion named after General Liu, was built on the hillside, where today’s people can still read his stories on a stone tablet.
On the southeast of the lake locates Helan Hill, where the Grand Motto Stone has been standing for over 80 years. The fifteen Chinese characters on the huge granite stone were selected by Sun Yat-sen, the pioneer of the Chinese modern democracy, and in 2006 eight characters of them were selected out to be the university motto of SCUT, meaning “study broadly and deliberate carefully, discern clearly and practice universally”.
Then on the southwest is the Black Brick Fort, a military fortress survived from the late 19th century to China’s War of Liberation. After standing sentry on a ridge for over a century, the fort is now seen surrounded by the roots of an old banyan tree, with the tree’s luxuriant branches and leaves masking the top and the upper part of the brick wall, creating a wonderful campus scene for students to admire the power of history and nature.

Photo by Feng Weixing
Text by Xu Peimu