Philosophy and Social Science Conference held in SCUT
June 21,2016 17:03:56 readCount:686

The Philosophy and Social Science Conference was held in SCUT on June 15. Present at the meeting were improtant schoolars such as president Wang Yingjun, Wang Xiao, president of Guangdong province spcial sicence cirles’ uunion, princippals of each college of liberal arts, academic leader, head of important bases, and key members in academy. The meeting was presided over by the vice president Zhang Xichun.
Wang Xiao delivered a speech at the conference. She highly confirmed that SCUT has made great achievement in philosophy and social science in recent years.

Zhang Xichun reported on the work of philosophy and social science, comprehensively summarizing the development of philosophy and social science during “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period and arraging in “The Thirteenth  Five-Year Plan”. He pointed out rapid SCUT developed rapidly in philosophy and social science, great improvement has made in every research indicators and comprehensive strength during “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. Centering on the present situation, the university will implement “the Nine Great Plan” to support the develoment of The Thirteenth  Five-Year Plan, focusing on construction of high-level talent and group, tank construction, interdisciplinary research, great project cultivation, high-quality academic building, achievements transformation, brand construction of academic exchanges, construction of service platform and promotion of scientific research management plan to advence the academic influence, social influence and policy influence of philosophy and social science.
On behand of their own school and scientific research personnel, Zhu Guilong, Dean of Business, Su Hongyuan, Director of Journalism & Communication, Yang Mu, executive dean of the Institute for Public Policy, Wang Zhiqiang, professor of School of Public Administration respectively made a speech on subject construction of its school, developmet planning, experience on tank construction and youth talent develoment.

President Wang delivered an important speech. She thought this conference enjoy a great significance, studying and implementing the importtant the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the forum on philosophy and social science and pooling ieads to arrange the development of that from the overall layout and strategic level. She expressed that the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping brings us motivation and confidence and pointed the way of philosophy and social science for the university. She highly confirmed that SCUT has made great achievement and great-leap-forward development in philosophy and social science and pointed out that philosophy and social science has been an important of a comprehensive research university.

As for how to develop philosophy and social science, president Wang stressed that the university should adhere to the guilding position while enhancing the top design, deepen the overall reform while building characteristic construction, wind the level while constructing subject system.

President Wang pointed out that the construction of philosophy social science discipline system must rely on the comprehensive reform by constructing a system and mechanism full of vigor and the effectiveness to accelerate the development of philosophy and social sciences. She believed that the construction of a high level of philosophy and social sciences discipline system we should pay attention to four issues. First is to fully respect the discipline of law and promote the construction of classification. According to the development characteristics of different disciplines, classification management should be implemented to achieve special development.  Two is develop with demand as the guide to achieve a breakthrough. We should integrate resources, focus on the key to achieve the overall level of ascension. Three is to strengthen the work of high level talent education. The university should srt different disciplines of high-level talent evaluation criteria according to the characteristics of different subject. Four is to build a good environment for development and actively explore institutional mechanisms for innovation. System innovation is an important part of deepening the comprehensive reform and we should  combine the characteristics of philosophy and social sciences to develop relevant systems and policies.

At last, she made a great expectation on research pesonnel, hoping they will offer advices and suggestions on behave of their people while standing on the top of the era and holing the changes of now and past.

After the meeting a group dicussion was made on the speech of president Wang and The Thirteenth  Five-Year Plan of Research on Philosophy and Social Science in SCUT (RFC) and Implemention Plan for the New Tank Construction in SCUT (RFC).