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Social Science Department is in charge of social science research under the leadership of the principal and school party committee, implementing the policy of developing philosophy and social sciences guided by the party, organizing humanities and social sciences project report and management, signing cooperation projects with businesses, managing base construction, research statistics and academic exchanges, appraising research achievements, and coordinating the schools of humanities and social science and other schools and other departments and so on. Specific duties are as follows:


1. formulating and implementing the development plan, policy and management measures for the study of humanities and social sciences;

2. reporting, approving, checking and managing all kinds of humanities and social science vertical project at all levels;

3. signing and managing the horizontal project in the humanities and social sciences research;

4. planning, applying and constructing research institutions of humanities and social sciences, including report, medium-term inspection, check, evaluation of research base of humanities and social science established by governments at all levels, report examination of school-level research base of social science;

5. organizing of checking and rewarding humanities and social science achievement;

6. managing research statistics and file of humanities and social sciences research;

7.constructing and maintaining the social science department website;

8. promoting exchanges and cooperation of humanities and social sciences research at home and abroad; introducing and promoting research results of the school of humanities and social sciences ;

9. undertaking other tasks assigned by the school.


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