The Construction of City-level Humanities and Social Sciences Key Base in SCUT Receives Praise
August 30,2016 09:04:07 readCount:523

Tan Xiaohong, the vice chairman of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences and leaders from Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science and came to SCUT for annual examination. Zhang Xichun, vice president of the school, and chief of the base and the social science department, as well as related research staff, participated in the meeting.


At the Meeting, the head of Guangzhou City Financial Service Innovation and Risk Management]base, Guangzhou Lingnan Cultural New Research Center, Guangzhou National Innovation Urban Development Research center reported on last year’s construction in operation mechanism, academic achievements, personnel training, social services etc. and the next step development. According to the reports, the bases gathered important scholars, have assumed over 20 national level projects, have published more 50 thesis, and have won 3 provincial level awards.


The head of Social Sciences Department stated the support and management measures on base construction ideas, goals and the input of funds, the annual assessment, the transformation of achievement, and he especially put forward the think tank construction and suggestions support to improve the academic influence, social influence and policy influence of the bases.


After listening to the reports, Tan Xiaohong fully affirmed the achievements the bases has made in the construction over the year and she praised the work of the school including base management, funding support, team building, talent introduction and academic exchange.   


Zhang Xichun in his speech said that the school attaches great importance to key base construction of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Guangzhou and is to promote sustained development of bases for contribution to economic and social development in Guangzhou through increasing investment, implementing the performance appraisal etc. At the same time, the school will further improve the base building. He made a specific request to the 3 key research bases.