The international summit of Istitute of Public Relation Research discussed the world’s order and administration in contemporary era
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Spot assembly
With the challenges of the model of the world’s order and administration, what can we do? How to solvethese major issues, such as discussing the China's transition and the direction of administration in combination with China's practices, comparing different responding pattern and joining out the international experience.
The International Academic Seminar of IPP, co-sponsored by the Institute of Public Relation  Research (IPP) from SCUT and UNESCO, was held in Guangzhou on August 20 and 21 to discuss the world’s order and administration. Around 300 scholars and community of public attended the meeting.

Executive Vice President Peng Xinyi’s welcoming speech
Peng Xinyi, Executive Vice President of SCUT, delivered a welcome speech. He introduced the development of SCUT in recent years, reviewed the splendid achievements since IPP established for 4 years, and held the great expectations that the annual International Academic Seminar of IPP would be a philosophy and social sciences event.
IPP International summit would divide into 6 issues under discussion,respectively, Democratic politics and political staff, political order in the developing world, the market and the government of developed countries technological progress and social change, and the rule of law and order in China. Zhu Yunhan, the Professor of Taiwan University, and Hans Weiler, the ex-assistant general manager of UNESCO, delivered the keynote speeches separately on the meeting agenda.
The meeting 
The IPP academic committee chairman Professor Yongnian Zheng of Istitute of Public Relation  Research, South China University of technology, Professor Goldberg of Nankai University, Professor Shuanglin Lin of Peking University, Professor Yaohui Wang of Center for China and globalization, Professor John Campbell of Dartmouth college in the United States, the vice president of Beijing Asia-pacific cooperation famous scholars of home and abroad made excellent speeches and remarks. In the question session, the audiences asked the questions to the guests, and the scholars had the heated exchanges.