South China University of Technology was awarded advanced collective of social science management by Chen Baosheng
December 14,2016 08:33:34 readCount:603

On December 1st, the fifth National Award Ceremony on Education and Scientific Research, which was the National Education Scientific Research and Management Meeting, was held in Beijing.  The Minister of Education Chen Baosheng, Vice Minister of Education Hao Ping and the director of the Leading Group Office of National Philosophy and Social Science She Zhiyuan attended this meeting and delivered a speech respectively. The Social Science Department of SCUT attended this meeting as an Advanced Collective.


The Meeting


In this meeting, the executive vice director of the Leading Group Office of National Philosophy and Social Science Liu Guihua announced the Decisions of the Ministry of Education on Awarding Outstanding Achievements of National Scientific Researches and the Decisions on Awarding Advanced Collectives of National Education Scientific Research and Management. He awarded 298 outstanding achievements and 25 advanced collectives. SUCT received advanced collective award, becoming the only awarded university among the universities of science and technology. There were only 8 universities who received this award. In addition, the Research Report on the Optimal Allocation of Assets and Resources in Universities by Peng Xinyi and the Research on the Tacit Knowledge Sharing Behavior and Management in Universities by Li Zhihong received the Second Prize of Outstanding Achievements and the Third Prize of Outstanding Achievements respectively.


Peng Xinyi Was Awared the Second Prize


The Minister of Education Chen Baosheng expressed congratulations to the award winners and made a speech, where he pointed out that we should insisted on adopting problem-oriented methods on scientific researches and grasped the essence of the social economic development. Moreover, we should support researches with theories, have a good understanding of the academic development rules and combine reality with researches. He also put great emphasis on the application transformation of classes, decisions, systems and public opinions.


In recent years, SCUT searched for new ways to better manage education scientific research and put great emphasis on guiding and organizing projects and achievements. Through setting up specified management projects and executive projects, it aimed to improve the educational project cultivation system. At the same time, it issued a new plan for classifying different achievements, advised a new way to award excellent scientific researches and improve the assessment system, which can help promote the application transformation of education scientific researches and realize a comprehensive management, from cultivating projects to applying scientific achievements. During the 12th Five Year Plan, our school has undertaken more than 1000 education scientific projects, including national scientific researches, and the number of approved projects has created a historical record. We also made great achievements on producing a series of high-level works, papers and consulting decisions, as well as made a leap development on the development speed and efficiency of scientific researches and management.