SCUT Received Three Important National Social and Science Projects
December 14,2016 08:30:01 readCount:604
Project Chief Professor: Wang Zhiqiang, An Ran, Jiang Jianguo
On November 15th and November 16th, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science and the Ministry of Education announced the results of important projects, and SCUT received three approved projects, which included “Research on the System and Operational Mechanism of Our Social Management” by professor Wang Zhiqiang in the College of Public Administration, “Trans-culture Communication and Management in Confucius Institute” by professor An Ran in the College of International Education and “History of Chinese Newspaper Reading”(multiple volumes) by professor Jiang Jianguo in the College of Journalism and Communication. Receiving three important social science projects within one year was a huge achievement of our school’s social and science development in recent five years.
 “Research on the System and Operational Mechanism of Our Social Management” focused on how to make up the deficiency of the social structural reform and to solve the structural conflicts under the condition of the supply side of structural economic system reform. Combining the value, goals and ways of the social management with Chinese characteristics, it aims to reform and innovate the power of the government, resource reallocation, structural organization, policy system design and policy effect assessment, as well as to provide theoretical guidance and policy suggestion for social management system and its operational mechanism.
“Trans-culture Communication and Management in Confucius Institute” researched on the trans-culture communication and management. It pointed out that the creative application of the interdisciplinary, multi-angle research theories and methods were of great help for building up a theoretical system and frame of the trans-culture communication and management in Confucius Institute. It was helpful to cultivate researchers as well as a new subject direction——the researches on Confucius Institute, which aimed to promote sustainable development of Confucius Institute and to provide instructive trans-culture managements for Chinese enterprises and organizations.
“History of Chinese Newspaper Reading” (multiple volumes) concentrated on newspaper reading, by dividing development characteristics in different phases of newspaper reading, it divided the history of modern newspaper reading into several phases, based on the characteristics of newspaper knowledge and the spread of ideas. It analyzed different types of newspapers, religious newspapers—business newspapers—constitutional reform newspapers—party newspapers, so as to have a comprehensive observation of the stage characteristics of newspaper reading. Combined with the history of modern social development, this research studied the history and development of newspaper reading and its importance in researches on the history of journalism and communication.
According to the report, there were 47 important projects of the Ministry of Education applying for approval in 2016, with 32 projects approved. In total, there were 224 important social and science funds projects applying for approval, with 134 projects approved. As for SCUT, it ranked 24th (tie) among all the universities in China, and ranked 3rd (tie) among the universities of science and technology.
In recent years, our school well planed and organized important projects, gave full play into the researchers, especially the high-level talents’ initiatives. Through encouraging them to apply for important projects and organizing interdisciplinary teams to solve difficulties, as well as increasing preliminary studies, the application number of the projects and the number of the approved projects has greatly increased. In 2016, SCUT received 17 national social and science projects and made a huge breakthrough in National Achievement Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences. At the same time, our school made a great achievement in high-level scientific researches and the number of research papers published in first-class academic journals reached the highest historical level, which included one paper in Management Science, two in Chinese Social Sciences, ten in Economic Research Journal, Philosophical Researches and so on. In addition, ten papers were accepted by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Ministry of Education. All these achievements marked that the philosophy and social science of SCUT stepped into a new steady and sustainable development stage.