Faculty members bestowed 3 State Science and Technology Awards of 2016
January 12,2017 17:08:02 readCount:713
On Jan 8, 2017, the awarding ceremony of the 2016 State Science and Technology Awards (SSTA), which is China’s highest honors in praising researches and applications of science and technology, were held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
Three research accomplishments developed or co-developed by SCUT faculty members were bestowed by the State Council. The honors included one State Science and Technology Progress Award (SSTPA), one State Natural Science Award (SNSA) and one State Technological Invention Award (STIA).
“A key technology of morphological feature design and controllable manufacturing for complex surface thermal functional structures”, a research project hosted by Professor Tang Yong’s team at the SCUT School of Automation Science & Engineering, was awarded the SSTPA Second Prize.
This achievement harvests a breakthrough in the modeling, design and manufacturing of complex surface thermal functional structures, which promotes the technological updates of tubular heat exchangers, evaporators/condensers for air-conditioner, and thermal-control systems. Some of the technical indexes, such as the total heat transfer coefficient, fin length, and LED thermal resistance, have reached world leading levels.
Professor Tang Yong on the SSTA awarding ceremony in Beijing
Techniques developed by this project have been granted 46 patents, while 63 academic papers included in the SCI Index were published. After transferred to industrial products, the applications have created 9.4 billion yuan of sales and 921 million yuan of profits in past three years.
In addition, the other two projects co-developed by SCUT, “a probability density evolution method of reliability design for disaster resilience in engineering structures” and “key technologies and applications for multi-layer resource utilization of wood fiber biomass” also received the SNSA Second Prize and the STIA Second Prize on last Sunday’s event.
The number of SSTAs awarded to the SCUT faculty since 2013 now reaches 15, demonstrating the university’s strong efforts and impacts on the country’s scientific researches and technology transfers especially during recent years.

Source from Science and Technology Division
Translated by Xu Peimu and Yuan Wei
Edited by Xu Peimu