Seasons of SCUT: a campus film on nature, history and knowledge
January 16,2017 17:19:34 readCount:1045
At the very first month of the year 2017, Seasons of SCUT, a film produced by the Publicizing Division was released. Capturing different season sceneries, as well as particular moments of teaching, learning, research and cultural events around the SCUT campus, the 20-minute video exhibits a spectacle of nature, humanity and history blended together.
An online version of this film with English subtitles attached is now available on the SCUT Network. Click the following links to watch:
Seasons of SCUT · Spring:
Seasons of SCUT · Summer:
Seasons of SCUT · Autumn:
Seasons of SCUT · Winter:

Image designed by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu