Number of invention patents granted to SCUT hits 1,000 in 2016
March 15,2017 18:23:49 readCount:615
According to CPIC statistics, 1,107 SCUT's invention patents were granted last year
According to the data published by the China Patent Information Center (CPIC) on March 6, SCUT successfully filed 2,221 invention patents in 2016, ranking the third place among all institutions of higher learning in China.
Meanwhile, the university’s granted invention patents for the first time exceeded 1,000. The number greatly increased by 27.1% compared to last year’s record, reaching 1,107 licenses that place SCUT at the sixth spot on the annual ranking of Chinese universities.
SCUT always attaches great importance to intellectual property protection. During recent years, it has been continuously encouraging scientific research and invention patents by providing financial aids, establishing awarding mechanisms, as well as taking patent applications as an indicator to measure research staff’s performances.
According to statistics announced by the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, in 2016 the number of SCUT’s granted invention patents accounted for 37.1% of the total amount contributed by universities in Guangdong.
Up till now, SCUT has filed 262 patent applications under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), with 49 of them filed in 2015. The high performance made the university rank 32nd among all educational institutions around the world and 3rd among Chinese universities.

Source from the Science and Technology Division
Translated by Xu Peimu and Luo Na