School of Public Administration Held the Key Social Sciences Research Projects Seminar of the Ministry of Education in 2016
March 22,2017 15:13:47 readCount:441
On January 13th, the opening report of the Annual Key Social Sciences Research Projects Seminar of the Ministry of Education, "Researches on the Construction of the Social Governance System and Its Operation Mechanism", was held in School of Public Administration of South China University of Technology. The Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, Zhang Xichun, met the experts and the members of the project. He also shown gratitude and expressed his wishes on strengthening the cooperation, so that we can push forward the innovation and development of the Social Governance in China.

The Meeting

This seminar was hosted by Professor Wu, the Secretary of the CPC Committee of the School of Public Administration, which was attended by many prominent professors, including Professor Shan Chunchang, Deputy Director of the Expert Committee on National Disaster Reduction Committee and Group Leader of the Emergency Management Expert Group of the State Council, Director Li Jianping, from the College Social Science Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, Professor Lou Chengwu, member of the Teaching Instruction Committee of Public Administration of the Ministry of Education and former vice president of Northeastern University, Professor Han Dongxue, vice president of the Chinese Association of Political Science and vice dean of College of Marxism in Tsinghua University, deputy director Ji Fengwei from National Peace and Security Leading Group Office and Professor Tong Xing, Director of the Social Risk and Emergency Management Research Center in Nanjing University.
During this seminar, director Mai Junhong extended congratulations on the achievements of the key social science project, ”Researches on the Construction of the Social Governance System and its operation mechanism ”, and said thanks to the experts who made great contributions on social science research and disciplinary construction in SCUT. He also addressed that the Social Science Department will gave full support to key research projects and project managements. Moreover, he wished this opening report seminar a huge success.  
Later on, director Li Jianping delivered a speech, in which he pointed out two requirements, based on the importance of the project applicability and the academic value. Firstly, the group member, whose aim was to produce research results of great academic value, need to speed up their pace and plan early. Secondly, the research results need to be transferred into consulting reports and suggestions as soon as possible, realizing its practical use. At the end of the speech, he hoped that experts could give some valuable advice on how to plan and implement this project.
After which, the chief project expert, Professor Wang Zhiqiang, on behalf of his team, reported some related situations of this project to the experts, such as the research background, research idea, sub-project design, research methods, process management, expected outcomes, existing problems and so on. The assessment experts gave some constructive suggestions, which provide a clearer path for this project development.
In the afternoon, the experts had an academic seminar on social governance and team building. Professor Shan Chunchang, gave a brief introduction on the stampede happened in the Bund, Shanghai. They further discussed basic information and reasons of this stampede, as well as the social governance problems reflected in this incident. Professor Tongxing, Director Ji Fengwei, Professor Lou Chengwu gave their opinions and suggestions in the angle of public safety, social risks, social governance and team building respectively. What’s more, there was a heated discussion among the group members.