Sino-Singapore Joint Research Institute close to start operation
March 31,2017 22:32:20 readCount:616
Senior officers of the Sino-Singapore Joint Research Institute was appointed during its first board meeting
On March 23, the first board meeting of the Sino-Singapore Joint Research Institute (SSJRI) was held at the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC). The meeting announced members of the board’s first session, which included SCUT Vice President Zhu Min and Nanyang Technological University Chief of Staff Lam Khin Yong as the joint chairmen.
Professor Yu Long, who was assigned as SSJRI Executive Director, and Professor Zeng Shaohua and Professor Xie Xinghua, who were assigned as Deputy Directors, accepted letters of appointment from the board. The meeting also discussed a number of key issues, including salary policies, budget estimate, the opening ceremony, and setting up an expert committee.
During the day, former Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng had a tour at SSJRI’s advanced research facilities. The visit was accompanied by Zhu Min, Lan Khin Yong and officials of local authorities.
The initiative of building the new institute, which was launched two years ago, is an international joint program promoted by South China University of Technology, Nanyang Technological University, the SSGKC Administrative Committee and the SSGKC Investment and Development Co., Ltd. The registration work of the institute has been done on March 22.
According to Southern Metropolis Daily’s reporting, it is now on the final stages before going into formal operation in May. The preparation works include selecting research programs, recruiting research teams and purchasing equipments.
The report said the program’s first phase has received a budget of 250 million yuan from the Guangzhou Municipal Government and district authorities. Three out of the institute’s five science and technology incubation centers will start operation in advance. The research of these centers will focus on food nutrition and safety, pollution control and environmental restoration, as well as advanced biomedical materials.

Based on materials from the Sino-Singapore Joint Research Institute and the Southern Metropolis Daily
Written and edited by Xu Peimu