SCUT Professor Duan Chunlin appointed CCTV Brand Consultant
April 07,2017 09:52:20 readCount:437
A seminar gathered super brains from the media and advertising industry
“National platform help build national brands”—recently, this advertising slogan in CCTV was familiar to many people, while, at the same time, CCTV was busy planning to upgrade its brand as a national platform.
In the afternoon of March 15th, the 2017 CCTV Advertising Business Innovation Seminar, namely, the Ceremony of the Brand Consultants was held in Beijing. There were nearly thirty brand consultants were hired, including brand consultants from Development Research Center of the State Council, National Bureau Statistics of the People’s Republic of China, Peking University, Tsinghua University, South China University of Technology, as well as other prominent universities and consulting and brand marketing agencies. They also had a deep discussion on how to manage and innovate the development of advertising under the more complex economics and communication environment. The director of the Guangdong New Media and Brand Communication and Application Key Laboratory, Professor Duan Chunlin, from the School of Journalism and Communication of SCUT, was the only employed expert among universities in South China.
Professor Duan Chunlin was hired as CCTV brand consultant
In this seminar, other professors were employed as CCTV brand consultants, including professor Huang Shengmin from the School of Advertisement of Chinese Medium University and professor Ding Junjie (dean of the School of Advertisement of Chinese Medium University), professor Chen Gang (vice president of the School of Journalism and Communications of Peking University) , Cheung Kong Scholar, professor Yu Guoming (executive director of the School of Journalism and Communications of Beijing Normal University), professor Lu Di (director of the Audio-visual Communication Research Center of Peking University), professor Cui Baoguo (vice president of School of Journalism and Communications of Tsinghua University), professor Yao Xi (vice president of School of Journalism and Communications of Wuhan University), professor Jin Dinghai (vice president of the School of Humanities and Communications of Shanghai Normal University) and professor Yang Tongqing (director of the School of Culture and Communications of Capital University of Economics and Business).
Later on, in the round-table discussion, the hired professors had a discussion on how to study and judge the latest trends of advertising market and gave suggestions on the development of advertisement. Professor Duan Chunlin argued that the development of CCTV advertisement needed to take advantage of its brand value, emphasize and apply to big data, innovate technology, and combine the national brand plan to set up the China Video Content Research Institute. As the sole professor from Guangdong Province, professor Duan Chunlin also paid attention to the current situations of brand communication in Guangdong enterprises. She pointed out, Guangdong enterprises had a solid basis and profound knowledge of advertising, but they didn’t know how to propagate their brands. Under such circumstance, it was important for them to stand out in the advertising industry, by drawing support from CCTV brand plan. It was suggested that the CCTV advertising should make specific channels and teams, descended to the needs of Guangdong enterprises, and popularize the national brand plan which aims at Guangdong enterprises.