38 minuets! SCUT team sets shortest time record in 3D printing contest
April 07,2017 10:26:43 readCount:564
On March 25 to 26, the Third International Student Competition of Industry 4.0—3D Printer Design was held at Tongji University in Shanghai.
SCUT student team ECHO Second captured this year’s only Outstanding Prize by setting the competition’s shortest time record of 3D printing, together with the other two teams that were awarded one First Prize and one Second Prize, leaving the best mark in SCUT’s history of participating the event.
The competition attracted 21 student teams from the Excellence 9 universities, which is a group of top Chinese universities that are specialized in natural science and engineering, including Beijing Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Dalian University of Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Tongji University, and SCUT.
Sub-projects of the competition included demonstrations of innovative principles and structures, and contests on model printing speed and model printing precision. Professionals from enterprises and university professors were invited to form a judge panel.
SCUT sends three teams that were trained by the SCUT Engineering Training Center into the race. Among them, ECHO Second delivered a stunning record of 38 minutes to complete their printing, which was far shorter than previous years’ records around 110 minutes.
Launched by Tongji University and its partners, the International Student Competition of Industry 4.0—3D Printer Design provides a platform for college students that are interested in 3D printing to communicate and to learn from each other. The event aims to raise students’ abilities of innovation, practice and teamwork, and thus to promote the development of Industry 4.0 among universities and enterprises.

Source from the Teaching Affairs Office and the Engineering Training Center
Translated by Xu Peimu and Lin Jiaxin