Fast and non-destructive testing technology ensures food quality
May 02,2017 17:28:31 readCount:753
SCUT’s Professor Sun Dawen and his team have developed a fast and non-destructive testing technology that helps Chinese enterprises ensure food safety and quality.
Agricultural production in China with regard to vegetables, fruits, meat, and aquatic products had been long time troubled by lacking an efficient and low-cost approach for quality analysis and control that can perform quickly without impairing the product's quality.
To solve this dilemma, food engineers of SCUT and their partners have formulated a fast and non-destructive testing method to assess the quality of farm produce using spectral imaging techniques. Apparatus based on this technology has been used in production lines nationwide, helping enterprises to elevate their effectiveness and safety level when monitoring agricultural production.
The project, jointly completed by SCUT, Zhejiang University and Ningxia University, was recently announced to be a winner of the 2016 Science and Technology Progress Awards for Institutions of Higher Learning, issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The research was led by SCUT’s Professor Sun Dawen, who is a members of the Academy of Europe and the Royal Irish Academy.
A professional committee including members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, in their assessment statement, believed that the technology has reached a “world-leading level”, in particular concerning its performances in monitoring and controlling the growth of vegetables and fruits, monitoring fish freshness, and testing meat quality via online systems.
The technology, granted 30 invention patents, was detailed in three book publications and dozens of papers published in premier academic journals. Online testing equipments developed based on it were delivered for use in factories in Hunan, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Ningxia provinces, creating 832 million yuan of sales in the last three years.

Source from the Academy of Contemporary Food Engineering of SCUT
English rewritten and edited by Xu Peimu