SCUT hosts international symposium on lipid science and biotechnology
May 05,2017 15:57:56 readCount:483
Over a hundred experts from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou from April 28 to 29 to attend an international conference that focused on frontier sciences of lipidomics and related biotechnologies.
The event, entitled the "1st International Symposium on Lipid Science and Biotechnology", was co-hosted by SCUT's School of Food Science and Engineering and the Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center of Lipid Science and Application.
Those who attended the symposium were scholars from universities and research institutions in China, the US, Europe, Japan, Australia and Malaysia. Some of them are leading scientists in the field, including Professor Han Xianlin of the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in the US, Professor Yu Ying of Tianjin Medical University, and Professor Barrow Colin of Deakin University.
Featured academic reports covered a wide range of topics, such as lipid metabolism and nutrition, drilling and evaluation of advanced lipid resources, and biological preparation of functional lipids.
In addition, academics were invited to have tours in a few biotechnology companies in Guangzhou. Intentions of cooperation were reached between academics and enterprises to promote technology transfer and scientific research collaboration.

Source from the School of Food Science and Engineering
Translated and edited by Xu Peimu