Singapore career talks: SCUT launches new round of global recruitment
May 10,2017 12:04:06 readCount:503
SCUT will in the next few years focus on bringing in high level overseas academics to strengthen the faculty’s general capacity and global vision, starting from holding two recruitment sessions at Singaporean universities recently.
Taking the city of the Merlion as the first step of SCUT’s scheme of global recruitment, the university sent a group of delegates to the National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University on April 28 and 29.
Among the delegation included heads of the Personnel Division, the School of Material Science and Engineering, and the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. After introducing SCUT’s condition and recruiting policies to applicants, the delegates also elaborated on SCUT's progress in building the Guangzhou International Campus, as well as each faculty’s specific employment needs.
The event, receiving generous supports from the Chinese Scholars and Students Association in Singapore and the Singapore Branch of the SCUT Alumni Association, attracted attentions of nearly 200 excellent young scholars, with some of them reaching preliminary agreements with SCUT’s faculties on the spot.
The Personnel Division is now handling follow-up resumes that were delivered after the Singapore travel. More recruitment sessions are expected to be held soon afterwards at some of the world’s most prestigious universities in Europe and the US.

Source from the Personnel Division
Translated and edited by Xu Peimu