SCUT to tackle key technical difficulty to save historical documents
May 13,2017 08:24:49 readCount:505
SCUT, leveraging its strong academic resources in paper science and engineering, will be working with the city of Guangzhou to tackle a key technical difficulty in paper preservation to rescue and protect original historical documents.
Chen Jianhua, Chair of the Guangzhou People’s Congress and Chief Emeritus of the Research Center of the Guangzhou Encyclopedia, along with his colleagues of the research center, visited SCUT on May 4 to discuss the details of the upcoming cooperation. Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, and Peng Xinyi, Executive Vice President of SCUT, attended the meeting with him.
Authorities and academics of Guangzhou and Guangdong province are currently coordinating on the editing of the Guangzhou Encyclopedia, or Guangzhou Dadian, an unprecedented, vast collection of books and documents with regard to the history and culture of Guangzhou.
However, the team on the project encountered a technical problem in paper preservation when they tried to sort out historical materials, especially documents left from the Republic of China era, since some of the paper sheets were severely damaged and it is hard to maintain their original states.
It thus requires to bring in a reliable paper deacidification technique that can protect and stabilize original documents without damaging the paper, and SCUT, after effectively collaborating with the editing team of the Guangzhou Encyclopedia for years, will now intensively work on a solution to this issue, which is also a major challenge for archival specialists around the world.
SCUT's School of Light Industry and Engineering is well known for its academic strength and research experiences in paper science and engineering. Benefiting from its two state-funded research centers, the faculty has solved a number of key technical issues in China's paper and pulp industry, including developing a few types of specialty paper products.
During the meeting, Professor Fan Huiming, Associate Director of SCUT's National Engineering Research Center of Paper-making and Pollution Control, gave a briefing on the scheme of the research and the progress of early stage preparations. SCUT's team is confident in reaching the main purpose of the initiative, which is to develop a paper deacidification method and apparatus for historical documents preservation, and thus to contain the damage caused by aging and acidification from the source.

Based on materials from the University News Center and the website of Guangzhou Encyclopedia
Written and edited by Xu Peimu