Professor Zheng Fanghui's Essay Was Published in Social Sciences in China Again
2017-05-19 readCount:654
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On May 4th, the essay, Financial Performance Appraisal: Concepts, Systems and Practice, was published in Social Sciences in China (Chinese Version), whose first author was Professor Zheng Fanghui of South China University of Technology. This essay was another masterpiece of Professor Zheng Fanghui since he published The Government Performance Appraisal in the Process of the Construction of the Chinese Government under the Rule of Law on January, 2016, as well as an important achievement in the field of financial performance appraisal, which was published in Social Sciences in China for the first time.
Financial Performance Appraisal: Concepts, Systems and Practice was completed by Professor Zheng Fanghui, Doctor Liao Yier from School of Law and Post-doctor Lu Yangfan from School of Public Administration. This essay illustrated the ideas and values, historical development, organization systems and technical systems of financial performance appraisal, as well as reviewed the successes and failures in these ten years and pointed out some important concepts like management performance, supervision performance, the use of performance and the income performance in the light of the concept of government performance appraisal. It also mentioned a new financial performance appraisal which was hosted by NPC, assisted by government departments and implemented by the third party, as well as an index system to evaluate the capital investment, process supervision, target achievement and social satisfactions.
As a comprehensive social sciences periodical, it is known to us all that the Social Sciences in China mainly published the latest and most important academic research results in humanities and social sciences and was regarded as a comprehensive periodical of humanities and social science of the highest level in China by the academic circles ,which was sponsored by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Each periodical published about 10 essays.