Students crown Southern champions in national robotics competition
May 19,2017 09:15:49 readCount:579
SCUT's student team captured the first place in the Southern Division of the RoboMasters 2017, a national robotics competition for college students, breaking into the Grand Final of the championship as one of the most competitive seed teams.
The races of the Southern Division took place from May 11 to 13, when nearly 200 robots from 17 universities in the southern region of China gathered at SCUT's Stadium at the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, a front line of robot wars armed by next-generation intelligent machines and some of the world's most brilliant young engineering minds.
Being recognized as one of the leading robotics competitions around the globe, RoboMasters aims to provide a nationwide venue for science and engineering students to contribute their creativity and skills outside the virtual world of online gaming.
In this year's competition, besides one base robot and one hero robot, every team had to operate three infantry robots, one drone and one engineering robot to attack the opponent. Whoever conquered the opponent’s base within seven minutes would win the combat.
Student teams from universities across the country were divided into four divisions by regions. The final of the Southern Division kicked off on May 13 between SCUT and Shenzhen University, and ended with the former claiming a 2-0 victory to secure the division’s top seat of entering the Grand Final that will be held in Shenzhen this July.
The annual events of RoboMasters are jointly organized by the Communist Youth League of China, the All-China Students' Federation and the Shenzhen municipal government, and hosted by Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as DJI. Last year's campaign attracted 228 teams, over 7,000 participants from 160 universities. Beyond the arena, it is also an innovative attempt to provide college students with the chance to combine theory with practice outside the classroom.

Sources from the University News Center and the RoboMasters 2017
Written and edited by Xu Peimu