A SCUT Project Supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China received Excellent Grades
2017-06-29 readCount:521
Recently, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science published the outcomes of the projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China in May, 2017. One of the projects, A Study of the Structure of English and Chinese Fictive Motion Expressions from the perspective of Second Language Acquisition (Grant No.15BYY066) was awarded an excellent degree. It was conducted by Professor Zhong Shuneng from School of Foreign Languages of SCUT. As the first project that was granted an excellent degree, it symbolized the recognition of our social science researches from experts and peers, as well as pushed forward the development of foreign language studies in SCUT.
The research on fictive motion is a new research topic, with a history of no more than 40 years in foreign countries. In China, this research topic only appears in recent years. It is the first two-way empirical research of the fictive motion in our country, which means that this research studies the second language acquisition of both the testees whose mother tongue is Chinese and those whose mother tongue is English. The structure of fictive motion is a kind of cognitive schema, which involves two different cognitive mechanisms of categorization of Chinese and English. Furthermore, it explores new ways to conduct cognitive empirical researches. It is also a linguistic phenomenon that is overlooked by many of us. The outcome of this research plays a significant role in foreign language teaching.
In recent years, our university has constantly organized and planned for high-level projects, for it aims to covers all kinds of projects, by supporting projects and combining different research directions and talents. It also builds up an all-rounded project management mechanism which includes project cultivation, project application, project management and so on. By pre-declaring the projects, organizing project proposals and enhancing mid-term inspection, the passing rate of the projects has been greatly improved.