(Conference, Jul 10) Second Academic Exchange Conference of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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Second Academic Exchange Conference of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Host: Prof. Lou Hongming, Deputy Dean
Time: July 10th, 2017
Venue: Room 405, Shaw Engineering Building, Wushan Campus

*  8: 30-8: 35a.m. Message from Dean, Prof. Zhang Zhengguo
1. 8: 35-9: 00a.m. Transition Metal-Catalyzed Transformation of Alkynes by Professor Zhu Shifa
2. 9: 00-9: 25a.m. NIR-Emitting Metal Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Optical Imaging Applications by Prof. Liu Jinbin
3. 9: 25-9: 50a.m. The Chemical Biological Studies of Proteins and Peptides by Prof. He Chunmao
4. 9: 50-10: 15a.m. Desulfurization Technology for Ultra-clean Diesel by Prof. Xiao Jing 
*  10: 15-10: 25a.m. Break
5. 10: 25-10: 50a.m. Electrocatalysis of Typical Energy-related Reactions by Prof. Liang Zhenxing
6. 10: 50-11: 15a.m. Triple-Bonded Chemistry Directed for Conjugated Structures by Prof. Wu Wanqing
7. 11: 15-11: 40a.m. Preparation and Application of Novel Gradient Structured Catalysts by Associate Researcher Yan Ying
*  Lunch break
8. 14: 30-14: 55p.m. Synthesis and Application of Agglutination-induced Red-light Compounds by Prof. Wang Lingyun
9. 14: 55-15: 20p.m. High Efficiency Energy Storage Materials and Devices by Associate Researcher Wang Suqing
10. 15: 20-15: 45p.m. Functional Design and Assembly Dynamics Based on Macrocyclic Compounds by Prof. Tang Hao
11. 15: 45-16: 10p.m. Epoxidation of Silicone Oil and Its Application by Associate Researcher Pan Chaoqun
12. 16: 10-16: 35p.m. Basic Scientific Problems and Application Technologies in the Development and Utilization of Gas Hydrates by Associate Researcher Wang Yanhong
13. 16: 35-17: 00p.m. Chain Structure Manipulation of Ethylene / a-Olefin Copolymer by Associate Researcher Liu Weifeng
14. 17: 00-17: 25p.m. Study on Liquid-liquid Phase Equilibrium of High Concentration Phenol Wastewater by Ketone Solvent Extraction and Its Industrial Application by Associate Professor Chen Yun 

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