Video productions of SCUT sparkle on 7th China College TV Awards
July 17,2017 12:04:01 readCount:653
A number of micro movies, campus promotional videos and teaching demonstration videos made by SCUT’s faculty and students were spotlighted on the 7th China College Television Awards (CCTA), winning several major honors including three first prizes and the Best Cinematography for Micro Movies.
People from nearly a hundred universities and colleges gathered at Shandong University, Qingdao, on July 7 to celebrate this year’s CCTA awarding ceremony. SCUT marked the best record in history by taking eight prizes in four categories, while the Publicizing Division (PD) and several staff members and students received honorary titles for their outstanding performances in promoting campus films and videos.
Among the first prize winners were Flying Against the Wind produced by the PD and Delete produced by the School of Journalism and Communication, which were both awarded the first prize for Best Micro Movies, and Seasons of SCUT, another PD’s work that hit the first prize for Best Screen Images.
Flying Against the Wind was based on true stories of SCUT’s students and alumni that were committed to careers of business startups. It was an attempt at a new pattern of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship around the campus. The 25-minute production was also the only winner of the Best Cinematography for Micro Movies.
The other award-winning micro movie, Delete, taking “choice” as the keyword of its storyline, told about a group of young college students who choose to stay true to their original intention and hold ground for the correct value under temptations and the pressure of reality.
It took the PD more than a year to made Seasons of SCUT, a four-episode short film that documented campus sceneries of different seasons. Except for sketching landscapes of each season, the camera also captured particular moments of teaching, research and cultural events that were ongoing around the campus.
Two demonstration videos extracted from online open courses, one featuring innovation and mass entrepreneurship and the other featuring the basic knowledge of opera, both produced by SCUT’s Education Technology Center, were awarded a second prize and a third prize for Best Teaching Videos.
Two video news, which reported a green bicycling competition held in SCUT, and the opening ceremony of the Youth Training Camp co-established by SCUT and the Guangzhou R&F Football Club, were both awarded second prizes for Best News.
Judges of the awards believed that the film and video makers of SCUT were inventive to use plenty of new measures and technologies in their works. These included aerial cinematography, time-lapse cinematography and virtual techniques for performance and display, which created exquisite images, slick fabrication, and an unpretentious style of visual language on the screen, gaining wide publicity among viewers.
Flying Against the Wind, in particular, was approved for its contagious power and educational sense in portraying the spiritual paradoxes of today’s college students that are trying to start their own business undertakings.

Source from the University News Center
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Deng Langchu