Artistic pendent design highlighted in national 3D printing contest
October 04,2017 16:53:27 readCount:402

An artistic design of pendants created by students of SCUT won the only first prize of industrial design at the 2nd China 3D Printing Creative Design Competition, which concluded its final round in Xi’an, Shanxi province, on September 28.
Instructed by Dr. Song Changhui of SCUT’s School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Wang Changwei, Zhang Mingkang and their classmates sketched the 3D image of a plant seed on pendants, which represented the origin of life granted by the grand nature.
By streamlining the shape of the pendants and building 3D structures inside them, the students managed to demonstrate the loop of a seed’s life -- starting from sprouting, and then growing, blooming and fruiting, until giving birth to a new seed -- and thus to reveal the secret of the circle of life.
The work also borrowed the idea from the porous structures of corals, which inspired the students to bring random 3D images of flower-blooming into the pendants’ delicate structures.
After receiving the final round’s highest score in the Group of Industrial Design, students of SCUT accepted the honor of the first prize from Lu Bingheng, a highly prestigious scientist of 3D printing and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the 2nd China 3D Printing Creative Design Competition was one part of a series of events held by the 2017 Euro-Asia Economic Forum. By advocating innovative 3D designs in contests, it aims to promote collaboration between industries and the academia, research and application, and attracted a wide range of attention from universities, enterprises and lovers of 3D printing.

Source from the School of Automotive and Engineering
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Deng Langchu