(Lecture, Nov 4) Tips for Writing Manus to Biomedical Journals
October 23,2017 22:28:04 readCount:196
Topic: Tips for Writing Manus to Biomedical Journals
Speaker: Kurt Albertine (editor of Anatomical Record, Professor of the University of Utah)
Venue: Room 335, Building B2, University Town Campus
Time: Saturday, Nov 4, 2017, 14:00
Peer-reviewed publications are the coin-of-the-realm for scholarship. To have your submission accepted for publication, clear writing and thoughtful organization are necessary for the editors and reviewers to understand the focus of your study, its hypothesis, methods, and results, and how the results advance the field. Choice of journal should be based on best fit. Revision of a submission must be responsive to every critique raised by every reviewer. When page proofs arrive, return the page proofs within 48 hours.

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