SCUT Added Another Three Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Scientific Research Platforms
2017-10-26 readCount:343
Recently, Publicity Department of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee announced a list of provincial key think tanks with 15 organizations in it. The Guangdong Social Governance Research Center of SCUT and the Government Performance Evaluation Laboratory of SCUT are both listed. The number of authorized organizations in SCUT is the same as Sun Yat-sen University’s. Meanwhile, Guangdong Social Sciences Association released the notice Of Agreeing on Identifying the Social Governance Research Center of SCUT As Guangdong Social Sciences Research Base, authorizing the Social Governance Research Center of SCUT to serve as Guangdong Social Sciences Research Base. Hitherto, there are 27 scientific research organizations at the provincial level or above in the field of social sciences in SCUT.
The Notice of Provincial Key Think Tanks
The selection of provincial key think tanks was an important measure through which Publicity Department of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee carried out the spirit of The Suggestion on Improving the Construction of Guangdong New Think Tanks and focused on building specialized high-end think tanks. It is reported that there were 84 think tanks applying for the title, and only 15 think tanks succeed in applying after going through qualification examination and specialists’ assessment. Guangdong social scientific research base was set up in 2017 by Guangdong Social Sciences Association, upholding the decision of provincial party committee and provincial government to develop philosophy and social sciences. Now there are 6 authorized organizations as SCUT has 2 of them (including the Philosophy and Technology Research Center of Higher Level).
The Official Approval of Guangdong Social Sciences Association
SCUT has improved the layout of building higher level scientific research platform, giving favourable performance in key area with unique direction through measures of building think tanks in earlier stage and organizing key research teams. In 2017, the construction of philosophy and social sciences scientific research bases in SCUT has made a major outbreak. Another 6 scientific research bases were added as  bases at the provincial level or above, including 2 international and regional research centers recorded by the Ministry of Education, 2 key think tanks and 2 Guangdong social scientific research bases.