The Study of Fu Jianhua, an Associate Professor of SCUT was Given Instructions by Guangdong Provincial Leaders
2017-10-26 readCount:356
Recently, relevant departments informed that the vice-governor of People’s Government of Guangdong Province Xu Ruisheng has given instructions to the decisional counseling report Measures and Suggestions on Developing Outdoors Activities Games in Guangdong Historical Trails under the Strategies of All-for-one Tourism, written by Fu Jianhua, an associate professor of School of Physical Education of SCUT. In the instructions, the Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development of Guangdong Province and Department of Sports of Guangdong Province are both invited to refer to the report. Meanwhile, the vice-governor also expressed his appreciation for leaders and specialists’ high sense of responsibility in our university as they support the development of society, culture and economy in Guangdong with their intelligence and ability.
Guangdong Historical Trails under the Strategies of All-for-one Tourism is one of the achievements of the SCUT think tank project, the Study on the Construction of Sportsdom in cities of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area under the Strategies of the Belt and Road Initiative, presided by associate professor Fu Jianhua. As mentioned in the report, currently the outdoors activities games in Guangdong Historical Trails aim at propagating Guangdong traditional culture, protecting and making full use of ancient villages, promoting targeted poverty alleviation, activating the cultural relic, mixing the protection of sports and culture as well as promoting the development of sports tourism. There are many problems of Guangdong Historical Trails Orienteering Competition in terms of organizations, functions, projects, targeted poverty alleviation, sports tourism, historical site protection and so on. Accordingly, the report brought forward practical measures of the direction of the government, participation of society, market pattern, talents training, cultural protection, form of teams, propaganda of competition, innovation of competition, excavation of historical trails and so on.