SCUT Held a Meeting About Social Scientific Research Training
2017-10-26 readCount:372
On September 27th, a meeting about philosophy and social sciences research training of SCUT was held in Mingli Hall of Liwu Technology Building. The meeting aimed at upholding the spirit of the Suggestion on Accelerating the Construction of Philosophy and Social Sciences with Chinese Characteristics of CPC, training and guiding deans of all liberal schools, deputy deans who are in charge of scientific research and scientific research secretaries. Wu Yechun, the vice-president of SCUT attended the meeting.

Wu Yechun expressed his opinion that the meeting made a conclusion to philosophy and social sciences scientific research and gave systemic training, which was beneficial to communication among liberal schools and developing philosophy and social sciences scientific research under the leadership of new leaders of schools. Wu Yechun made an experiential conclusion of philosophy and social sciences development of SCUT, meanwhile he analyzed the current situation, opportunities and challenges of the subject in terms of strategies of booming philosophy and social sciences, immense demand of economic and social development, opportunities of construction of Double First-Class Initiative and international campus.
During the meeting, Wu Yechun brought forward six wishes and requests toward attendees of schools: firstly, we should seriously study the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important speeches and uphold the spirit of the Suggestion on Accelerating the Construction of Philosophy and Social Sciences with Chinese Characteristics. Also, we should stick to political viewpoint and insist on correct direction of philosophy and social sciences research, accelerating the characteristic development of philosophy and social sciences. Secondly, we should persist on problem-oriented principle, equip with global perspectives and focus on Chinese society. We should conduct innovative research about the leading problems of philosophy and social sciences, about immense need of global and regional economic and social development, and about cultural heritage and innovation, which provides with theories and think tanks for the goal to realize the Two Centenary Goals. Thirdly, we should take scientific construction as the leading role, talent training as foundation and social service as goal, promoting the development of philosophy and social sciences research in our college. Fourthly, we should perfect the form and management of scientific research organization and plan for big projects in advance. We should make full use of advantages of science and engineering in our college so that the interdisciplinary research can be developed and the connection with educational circles and government can be strengthened. Fifthly, we should make progress on introducing and cultivating talents. Schools should equip with global consciousness and broad horizons to introduce high-level leading talents, cultivate young talents by helping and teaching them, and keep the strong development trend of basic scientific team. Lastly, we should foster the style of study and think highly of moral. All kinds of academic activities should be well supervised so that we can create positive academic atmosphere.
At the meeting, the leader of department of social sciences brought about a conclusion of philosophy and social sciences scientific research in the first half of 2017 and confirm a new arrangement. In the first half of 2017, philosophy and social sciences of our college kept developing fast and outbreak of many targets occurred. There were 23 approved national social sciences fund projects, which broke the record of our college. Also, 6 provincial scientific research organizations were added, 2 of them were approved as national and regional research centers recorded by the ministry of education, 2 think tanks were approved by the propaganda department of Guangdong provincial party committee, and 2 became Guangdong social sciences scientific research bases. There were 20 projects receiving excellent awards of Guangdong Philosophy and Social Sciences, which created a new record of SCUT. At the meeting, application of 2018 national social sciences fund projects was launched and well planned. Each school received its task. At the meeting, the management of philosophy and social sciences projects and their funds, measures of preventing and handling poor academic behavior written by the ministry of education, and approval of academic meetings in SCUT were all introduced.
Representatives from IPP, School of Public Administration, School of Physical Education and School of News and Propagation all delivered speeches about construction of think tanks, development plans of schools, ideas of scientific research of schools and improvement of interdisciplinary research.