(Lecture, Nov 1-4) Topics on Industry-University Partnerships and Atmospheric Plasma
October 25,2017 12:34:54 readCount:195
Speaker: Prof. Kevin M. Keener (Iowa State University)
Topic One: Delivering Sustainable Solutions in a BioEconomy through Industry-University Partnerships
Venue: Dongtang Hall, Building No.13, Wushan Campus
Time: Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017, 10:00-11:00
Topic Two: Atmospheric Plasma – An Exciting Solution to Improving Food Safety and Quality
Venue: Room 235, Building B8, University Town Campus
Time: Saturday, Nov 4, 2017, 9:30-10:30
Dr. Keener is a nationally recognized expert in food safety, food processing and food technology. Dr. Keener recently accepted a faculty position at Iowa State University as Professor of Food Science and Director of the Centre for Crops Utilization Research and Director of the BioCentury Research Farm.
Prior to this appointment Dr. Keener was a Professor of Food Science and Ag. and Bio. Engineering at Purdue University. The goal of his Purdue program was to promote economically sustainable practices in the food industry through engagement with entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, students, and government. He served as the Center Director for the EPA funded Food Processing Environmental Assistance Center. His program efforts accomplished three main objectives: 1) support food entrepreneurs and provide economic development; 2) provide technical assistance to small, medium, and large food processors in food safety, food technology, and food processing saving jobs and money; 3) perform applied research to enhance food quality and food safety, improve processing efficiencies, and reduce waste in food manufacturing. Dr. Keener’s support of the food industry and food entrepreneurs was recognized with the Macy Food Science and Technology Award, Purdue University Sharvelle Award, Nolan Mitchell Young Extension Award, American Egg Board Research Award and the International Association of Food Industry Suppliers-Food Process Engineering Institute (IAFIS-FPEI) Food Engineer Award.TheIAFIS-FPEI Award specifically recognizes “advancement of knowledge and practice in the food industry.” Dr. Keener excels in his unique efforts to use his food engineering and extension expertise along with his leadership skills to achieve close collaboration between academia, industry, and government. Dr. Keener continues collaborations with academic colleagues within the State (Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service), nationwide (Iowa State University, University of Arkansas, North Carolina State University, Clemson University, Auburn University, Southern Illinois University, USDA-ARS), and internationally (Asian Productivity Organization, Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), Codex Alimentarius Commission (CODEX)). He also works with USDA-FSIS, FDA, IFT and state trade associations such as the Indiana State Poultry Association and national associations such as the American Egg Board and the United Egg Producers.

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