(Lecture, Nov 9) Imaging in Support of Focal Interventions
November 08,2017 08:47:17 readCount:154
Topic: Imaging in Support of Focal Interventions
Speaker: Prof. Katherine W. Ferrara(UC Davis)
Venue: Room 101, Building B2, University Town Campus
Time: Thursday, Nov 9, 2017, 10:30 
Magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) is one of a set of focal techniques for the minimally-invasive treatment of cancer, neurological disease and regenerative medicine indications. In cancer applications, pre-clinical results suggest that focal techniques such as MRgFUS or radiation therapy can cause immunogenic cell death, leading to an anti-tumor response and facilitating combinations with drugs, genes or immunotherapy.
With a high duty cycle and intensity, MRgFUS can selectively ablate tissue deep in the body; alternatively, MRgFUS can provide a low-intensity mechanical tissue stimulation.Local ablation results in a short-lived presentation of specific T cell receptors and of specific tumor antigens on macrophages and dendritic cells.One area of our previous work has involved combining MRgFUS with immunotherapyusingprotocols optimized to create a complete response in disseminated cancers.
For the ablation-immunotherapy protocols, an innate immune response is triggered in the region exposed to ultrasound, and in the distant tumors a dense infiltration of activated T cellsresults in tumor cell apoptosis.

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