Guangdong Vice Governor Huang Ningsheng inspects SCUT
November 07,2017 21:55:17 readCount:388

Guangdong Vice Governor Huang Ningsheng last week paid an inspection visit to SCUT’s campus, instructing SCUT to make a precision scheme and intensify its main academic strength and featured advantages, and focus on developing key frontier technologies and conducting related fundamental researches.
Those who attended the event on November 2 included Jing Lihu, Director General of the Guangdong Department of Education, Zheng Haitao, Deputy Director General of the Guangdong Department of Science and Technology, and leaders of SCUT including Zhang Xichun, Liu Qijin, Yu Qijun, Tao Shaojing, Qiu Xueqing, Zhu Min, Dang Zhi and Wu Yechun.
After briefing the vice governor on SCUT’s achievements of recent years, Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, drew up a blueprint of SCUT’s development in the next stage, which will follow a guideline of “building a world-class university, staying true to Chinese characteristics, and meeting urgent needs of Guangdong province”.
While teaching students to develop correct values and strong intelligence, as he said, the university will keep intensifying its role as a think tank to serve the development of the country and the province, and improving its capacity of technological innovation.
Huang Ningsheng, after listening to the briefing, extended his congratulations to SCUT for being selected in the state’s Double World Class project and its upcoming 65th anniversary. He also showed gratitude to SCUT for the extraordinary contribution it made to the country and the region.
He looked forward to seeing SCUT to develop key technologies that are generic, trend-leading, modernly engineered, and groundbreaking, meanwhile conducting fundamental researches that provide support to these technologies.
He pointed out that SCUT, as a university selected in the Double World Class project, should stress on developing a mode of intensive growth and focus on elaborating its main academic strength and featured advantages, as the provincial government will do its best to back SCUT’s efforts.
During the visit, Huang Ningsheng and other visitors also had a tour at SCUT’s Key Laboratory of Precision Equipment and Manufacturing Technology of Guangdong Province, where they learned the latest progress of scientific research and technology transfer.

Source from the University News Center
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Deng Langchu