One National Social Science Major Special Project of SCUT Got Approved
2017-11-22 readCount:341
Recently, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science published a notice which announced that the research project Modernizing National Governance System and Governance Ability of 2017 national social science fund was to set up. The major project the Research on Preventing Social Risks and Crises, led by Professor Wen Hong of School of Public Administration of SCUT, got approved with funds of 600,000 yuan.
This project was guided by the spirit of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech about improving the modernization of national governance system and governance ability. It insisted on problem-oriented principle and focused on comprehensively deepening reform, improving the research on the issues of major theory and practice of national governance. It provided modernization of national governance system and governance ability with supporting theory, thus was listed as a major project of the National Social Science Fund.
In recent years, SCUT keeps improving the cultivation of national social sciences projects. We take measures like encouraging application, cultivating projects in early stage, guiding by specialists, following the projects by appointed person, examining the projects and so on with the interconnected cooperation of department of social sciences, schools and leaders of the projects. By this way we are able to administrate the process of application and demonstration, ensuring the quality of application.