SCUT Breaks the Record of Wining Provincial Social Science Distinguished Achievements Prizes
2017-12-13 readCount:318
On October 30th, the People’s Governance of Guangdong Province released a notice, the Notice Concerning Giving Out the 7th Guangdong Province Social Science Distinguished Achievements Prizes. SCUT totally wins 20 prizes, which include 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 5 third prizes. This time SCUT wins another 4 prizes compared to last level, which means SCUT breaks the record again.
The 20 award winning achievements indicate the achievements of SCUT scientific research in recent years, together with the major academic impact, social impact and impact on policy. There are 3 monographs, 15 essays and 2 reports included. And the research fields contain management, economics, law, Marxism, journalism and communication, languages, physical education and so on. The number of the fields reaches the top among these years while physical education and languages win the prizes for the first time.
Recently, SCUT puts emphasis on cultivating social science achievements. SCUT wants to encourage a number of distinguished achievements with huge impact and promote the transformation and transmission of them by building achievements classification and assessment system, improving scientific achievements reward mechanism, setting up distinguished monograph reward and social influence reward, building SCUT social science library. In past 3 years, SCUT made major progress on top periodicals like Chinese Social Science, Management Sciences and so on. The number of essays embodied by SSCI increases rapidly every year. Also, the number of adopted achievements on decision consultation multiplies, which leads to an obvious enhancement on precision and validity of serving political decisions.
It is reported that Guangdong Province Social Science Distinguished Achievements Prizes, the top governmental prize of Guangdong social science, was set up in 2004 and given out every two years.