Regulations for the Employment of Chair Professors in South China University of Technology
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1. The regulations are formulated by South China University of Technology (SCUT) for the purpose of further implementing the strategic plan of “strengthening the university by recruiting more talents”, attracting more overseas excellent talents to promote its scientific research cooperation, and facilitating the process of internationalization of its faculty.
2. Post employment system is applied to the employment of Chair Professorship. The post is set based on actual requirements, and the employment is subject to merit-based recuitment and contract management.
3. The tenure of chair professorship is three years.
4. Personnel Division of SCUT is in charge of the appointment and management of chair professorship.
5. The Principles of Post Setting
(1) The post setting should conform to the national scientific research plan, the construction of the sci-tech innovation platform of “985 Project”, the innovation base of philosophy and social sciences, and the significant demands of national economic development in Guangdong Province or the priority directions of medium and long-term development plan of SCUT.
(2) The post setting is closely coupled with discipline construction by giving priority to key disciplines, intensively cultivated disciplines and disciplines with great potential for growth.
(3) The posts are set in the new interdisciplinary disciplines with great teaching and scientific research strength and at the forefront of national or international academic development. They are expected to achieve major breakthroughs.
6. The Post Responsibilities of Chair Professorship
(1) Offer innovative courses and lectures, and supervise postgraduate students;
(2) Publish 3 to 5 academic articles during the contract term on academic periodicals rated beyond C-level with SCUT as the first work unit.
(3) Conduct cooperative research based on the research directions of the concerned discipline; provide important advices on the development direction and research priorities of the concerned discipline; extend the discipline’s academic influence both at home and abroad by promoting international communication.
(4) Build or help to build an internationally advanced innovation team geared to the major strategic demands of national development and the frontier of international science and technology.
7. Conditions of Employment
(1) Scientific integrity and rigorous scholarship are required for the candidate.
(2) The candidate should have a doctor’s degree and working experience as tenured associated professor or senior research personnel in overseas prestigious universities, scientific research institutions, international renowned enterprises or financial institutions.
(3) The candidate should possess high academic attainments, great international influence in the concerned discipline and internationally recognized achievements.
(4) The actual number of months spent at the post should be no less than 2 months.
(5) Candidates are supposed to be under the age of 55 in natural sciences and under the age of 60 in the humanities or social sciences. Physical fitness is required for all candidates.
(6) Based on the unanimous consent of both parties, the candidates who have been selected as the Chair Professorship of “Hundred-Scholar” Talent-Recruiting Program, professor fellowship of Changjiang Scholar Program, professor fellowship of Zhujiang Scholar Program can be appointed as Chair Professor after passing the performance assessment at the end of the employment term.
8. Employment Procedures
(1) The University and its schools hold worldwide open recruitment in accordance with the post setting regulations.
(2) The Academic Committee of concerned school (peer experts can be invited) evaluate candidates’ materials in strict accordance with the specified requirements and procedures.
(3) In line with the assessment opinions from the Academic Committee of concerned school and the number of posts to be set, the University selects the best candidates and both parties sign employment contract.
9. Benefits Package
(1) Monthly salary for every Chair Professor is RMB 40,000. The payment is subject to the actual number of months spent at the post.
(2) During the contract term, the University provides every Chair Professor with corresponding research fund of RMB 200,000 (including travel expenses, etc.)
(3) During the contract period, the University provides Chair Professor with temporary rental house, the rental fee is subject to the University’s relevant regulations.
(4) The University purchases every Chair Professor an individual accidental life insurance with about RMB 100,000 coverage amount.
10. Assessment and Management
(1) The responsibilities, rights and benefits of both the University and Chair Professors are specified in the Employment Contract and the Statement of Work.
(2) Should Chair Professor breach academic ethics or violate the criminal law or practice fraud in in academic qualifications, the University has the right to terminate the Contract.
(3) Goal-setting management system is applicable to the management of Chair Professors. The University conducts mid- and final-term evaluations in accordance with the Contract.
(4) The University has the right to terminate the Contract with the Chair Professor who fails in the mid-term evaluation, and the salary and research grant are cancelled accordingly.
(5) At the end of the employment term, Chair Professors who pass the performance evaluation and get approval from the University can stay on; the Contracts with Chair Professors who fail in the performance evaluation cannot be renewed.