(Lecture, Jan 18) Sustainable energy development of steel industries
January 16,2018 23:35:47 readCount:184
Topic: Sustainable energy development of steel industries
Speaker: Prof. Wang Guoxiong (The University of Queensland)
Venue: Room 303, Building No.38, Wushan Campus
Time: Thursday, Jan 18, 2018, 14:30
This talk presents research activities and development studies in the CO2 capture, CO2 utilization and CO2 storage (CUCS) in the Queensland University, which aims to develop sustainable energy for the steel industries. The developed technologies, including alternative CO2 capture techniques, gas-to-liquid (GTL) fuel (ethanol), and converting CO2 to useable chemicals, can help develop new processes to produce clean energy with value-added by-products and reduce the CO2 emission from industrial flue gas. The talk summarizes some results from the studies recently carried out at the University of Queensland including both experimental investigations and numerical simulations on
· CO2 Capture with Membrane
· CO2 Capture with CO2 Adsorbing Materials (CAMs)
· Convert flue gas to liquid fuel (GTL)
· CO2-enhanced coalbed methane (CO2-ECBM) recovery

Announced by School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering