Joint efforts with DJI and CMSH boost university-enterprise alliance
January 18,2018 17:40:31 readCount:620

SCUT, by closely working with business giants in Shenzhen, is seeking for a broader scope of university-enterprise alliance on student training and other aspects.
A delegation led by Vice President Li Zheng travelled to Shenzhen last week to boost ties with a few large enterprises, including the Dajiang Innovations Science and Technology (DJI) and the China Merchants Shekou Holdings (CMSH, or CMSK).
At the DJI’s headquarters, visitors of SCUT watched a demonstration of drones, and then discussed with the host on multiple mutual efforts involving student training, employment selection, student scholarships, robot races, as well as building the DJI-university Club.
A cooperative agreement that aims to promote talent fostering and employment selection was signed to widen the scope of university-enterprise collaboration, which in particular focuses on training students with innovative abilities in high-tech fields.
Then at the CMSH, Li Zheng and the company’s executives exchanged ideas on improving student employment, setting up scholarships, as well as holding campus cultural events.
SCUT, cooperating with the China Merchants Charitable Foundation (CMCF) and the CMSH, has been holding the CMSH·Touching SCUT Awards for ten years. The awards are well known as a featured campus cultural event of SCUT, which honors ten most inspiring student figures around the campus every year.

Source from the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Deng Langchu