Students celebrate warm Chinese New Year on campus
February 16,2018 17:32:16 readCount:651

After the university entered the winter vacation in late January, a number of students have decided to stay in the campus for the Chinese New Year, and they are keeping themselves busy with research projects, theses, or community services.
A campus tea talk was held on February 10, five days before the 2018 Spring Festival, to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Dog, with faculty members including Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, and 47 student representatives from 27 sub-schools attending the event.
Zhang Xichun showed deep care for students’ life and study during the Spring Festival period, while students shared their fascinating stories of spending the vacation time.
Zou Ziyi, an undergraduate student at the School of Architecture, has accepted an offer from Peking University to continue his graduate education in the capital city. In addition to participating in a large design project in the winter vacation, he also takes the vacation as a perfect “blank time”, when he is able to walk around and has a closer look at the beauty of the alma mater and the city.
Yang Runzhao, a student at the School of Software, signed up to be a volunteer for this year’s Spring Festival Travel Rush, a particular period of passenger transport around the Chinese Lunar New Year. Yang gets up quite early every morning but enjoys the pleasure of helping others, who included a peasant worker who found his relative with Yang’s assistance.
“This tea talk, sitting with Secretary Zhang, my teachers and classmates, reminds me of the moments when I had reunion dinners with my family on the New Year's Eve,” said Zhang Wenming, a graduate student at the School of Materials Science and Engineering. He wished to see his family in the festival, but at last decided to use the vacation to revise his graduate thesis and collect additional data evidences for his research, so he stayed in the campus, where he found warmness as he felt in his hometown.
It was an impressive moment, when Shabnam, an international student from Tajikistan, sang Unforgettable Tonight, a famous Chinese song of celebrating the New Year’s Eve. Shabnam gave herself a Chinese name, Bailing, which means “lark bird”, telling others she has a beautiful singing voice.
“The students’ stories are different, yet everyone showed their own excellence,” said Zhang Xichun on the tea talk. After having lunch with students in the canteen and listening to students’ feedbacks on the university’s administration, he required managing officers to ensure the safety and comfortableness of students who are staying in the campus for the New Year.
SCUT is now taking a series of measures to provide students with “warm transit, warm feeling, warm body, and warm foods” during the vacation. These efforts include publishing Guidelines for Winter Vacation on the university’s official WeChat subscription, granting financial assistance to students from families in poor financial condition, offering part-time positions for student assistants, as well as providing free meals to students from the New Year’s Eve until the third day of the Year of the Dog.

Source from the Student Affairs Office
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Deng Langchu