SCUT commits to building new faculty of intelligent engineering
March 07,2018 19:53:59 readCount:495

Professor Ni Jun, a prestigious scholar in manufacturing engineering at the University of Michigan (UMich), visited SCUT last week to discuss with its leaders on building the Shien-Ming Wu School of Intelligent Engineering at the Guangzhou International Campus.
Ni Jun is currently a tenured professor at UMich and Honorary Dean of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University – University of Michigan Joint Institute. During his visit to SCUT, he was received by Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, and Wang Yingjun, President of SCUT, at the Liwu Building of Science and Technology on February 28.
Those who attended the meeting also included Liu Qijin and Yu Qijun, both Deputy Secretaries of the CPC SCUT Committee, and Qiu Xueqing and Wu Yechun, both Vice Presidents of SCUT, as well as heads of administrative offices and sub-schools.
Zhang Xichun, having a high regard for Ni Jun’s academic accomplishment and reputation, expressed admiration for Ni Jun’s effort of promoting education and scientific research in China, which is his home country, and bringing back advanced scientific research results and educational ideas from overseas.
Zhang Xichun expected that Ni Jun, with his practice of long-term teaching in one of the world’s top universities and his insights in higher educational systems of both China and the US, would bring in significant experience for the development of the Guangzhou International Campus.
Wang Yingjun said in the meeting that SCUT’s International Campus is both experimental and exemplary for China’s national endeavor to innovate new patterns of higher education. The Campus will take its focus on developing “emerging engineering disciplines”, which feature inter-disciplinary studies, focus on meeting latest needs of the time, and root in the global frontiers.
She stressed that the campus is not a “grand opera house” that values large size as the priority for construction, but a “tower of Guangzhou” that aims to reach a higher level. It cannot be restricted by the existing philosophy of campus construction and education management, but will be committed to exploring foreseeing methods of student cultivation, scientific research, and personnel management.
As one of the ten new sub-schools of the International Campus, SCUT’s School of Intelligent Engineering is named after the late Professor Shien-Ming Wu, a world-renowned mastermind of engineering, who as said by the New York Times “helped to modernize automobile factories and other industries around the world”.
The school will be built upon the cooperation with the Shien-Ming Wu Foundation and the Shien-Ming Wu Manufacturing Research Center of the University of Michigan. The cooperative agreement was signed on December 7, 2017, with Ni Jun attending the ceremony as the representative of the above two institutions.
Ni Jun, being a student of Professor Shien-Ming Wu, said in last week’s meeting that he was grateful to witness the establishment of a high-level faculty that is named after his mentor, and will try his best to help it grow.
He pointed out that opportunities for developing future technology are coming out in emerging interdisciplinary areas, and intelligent engineering, as one of these areas, is in its early stage of burgeoning that calls for a numerous number of professionals from around the globe to join in.
China is in urgent needs of upgrading its industries and increasing the added value of industrial products, and Ni Jun believed that SCUT’s plan of setting up the International Campus to boost development in relevant fields is timely and indispensable. He suggested the university looking into new patterns of student cultivation that will apply to the next 50 years.

Source from the University News Center
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Cheng Yu