(Lecture, Mar 15) Some surprises in fluid flows
March 09,2018 17:37:06 readCount:137
Topic: Some surprises in fluid flows
Speaker: Prof. Steven Wang(Newcastle University)
Venue: Room 105, Shaw Engineering Building, Wushan Campus
Time: Thursday, Mar 15, 2018, 10:00-11:00
In this seminar, I will discuss several unexpected flow instabilities encountered in various fluid systems, one of which has been completely ignored for literally centuries. In particular, I will elucidate the mechanism that leads to a highly unexpected phenomenon in a chaotic flow system. I will also attempt to justify how we can possibly link our discoveries to practical applications.
Steven Wang is presently an assistant professor/lecturer at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. At Newcastle, Steven is working on air filtration (PM2.5), a levitation physics, bubbly flow and multiphase mixing. Steven obtained his PhD and BEng from CSIRO (federal research agency) and the University of Melbourne respectively. He was a postdoc with ETH Zurich (2015-2016) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014-2015). Steven won the IFS (Institute of Sustainability) grant 2017. Steven was a Victoria Fellow (2014), winner of ETH seed grant (2016), awardee of a prestigious Victoria Postdoc Fellowship. He also managed to obtain grants that are relevant to industrial applications, including JRE2012, and JRE2013. He obtained best scientific image award, 2nd place, in annual conference organized by Competence Centre for Materials and Processes ETH (2016).Steven is an (international) consultant/associate member of Complex Fluid and Thermal Engineering Research Centre (COFTEC), Kobe University.

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