(Young Scholar's Forum, Apr 12) Lectures at School of Food Science and Engineering
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Venue: Dong Tang Hall, Building No.13, Wushan Campus
Time: Thursday, Apr 12, 2018, 8:30
Lecture 1
Speaker: Dr. Jiang Nan (Harvard University)
Lecture 2: Advantage of Shotgun Lipidomics and its Application
Speaker: Dr. Wang Chunyan
Shotgun lipidomics is a platform employing electrospray ionization mass spectrometric analysis and quantitation of cellular lipidomes directly from crude extracts of biological samples. In this report, I will introduce its unique features including high throughput; it was conducted under a constant concentration of lipid solution without any time constraints; molecular species of a lipid class are commonly displayed in an identical mass spectrum. Additional, I will talk about some applications on the finding of biomarkers in disease and its key function in revealing the pathogenesis of disease.
Lecture 3
Speaker: Dr. Han Xuesheng
Lecture 4
Speaker: Dr. Zhu Hongbin
The recently developed synchronous precursor selection (SPS) MS3 enables more accuracy multiplexed quantification of proteins/peptides using Tandem Mass Tags (TMT) through comparison of reporter ion intensities at MS3 level. However, challenges still exist for intact glycopeptides based quantification of TMT due to the relatively low peptide backbone fragment ions yield generated by collision-induced dissociation (CID). To circumvent this limitation, here we report an improved CID-SPS-HCD MS3/ETD method for TMT based intact glycopeptide quantification. This approach was modified based on the SPS MS3 method which was designed to improve TMT performance on a quadrupole/linear ion trap/orbitrap tribrid mass spectrometer platform. Through systematical optimization and evaluation using a glycoprotein interference model, we demonstrated that the CID-SPS-HCD MS3/ETD approach offers improved accuracy, precision and sensitivity for intact glycopeptides relative quantification compared to traditional data dependent MS2 quantification methods.
Lecture 5
Speaker: Dr. Huang Mingtao

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