(Lecture, Apr 19) Secure Consensus-based Time Synchronization in WSNs
2018-04-17 readCount:73
Topic: Secure Consensus-based Time Synchronization in WSNs
Speaker: Prof. Cheng Peng
Venue: Lecture Hall on 6F, Building No.3, Wushan Campus
Time: Thursday, Apr 19, 2018, 10:30-11:30
Time synchronization is a fundamental service for various applications in wireless sensor networks. The recent consensus-based time synchronization protocols have provided fast convergence rate and high synchronization precision, but are still vulnerable to different malicious attacks. In this talk, we focus on how to defend the consensus-based time synchronization in wireless sensor networks under message manipulation attacks. We propose novel defense mechanisms to achieve secure distributed time synchronization. Furthermore ,we prove that the protocols guarantee the network time synchronization with fast converging speed.

Announced by School of Automation Science & Engineering