(Lecture, May 14) Down to Atomic Level Characterization of Energy and Electron Transport
2018-05-14 readCount:61
Topic: Down to Atomic Level Characterization of Energy and Electron Transport
Speaker: Prof. Wang Xinwei (Iowa State University)
Venue: Room 209, Building No.19, Wushan Campus
Time: Monday, May 14, 2018, 14:30-16:30
This talk will cover our new technology development and frontier research on phonon and electron transport probing based on Raman scattering, a technology traditionally widely used for structure analysis. The Raman-based thermal probing in two areas of our work will be covered. The first one is micro/submicron particle induced near-field effect. This phenomenon has been widely used in surface nanoscale structuring and imaging. For the first time, we have achieved nanoscale mapping of particle-induced thermal, stress, and optical fields under near-field excitation at a 20 nm resolution. This represents a very exciting advance for far-field thermal probing of near-field thermal phenomenon with an ultra-high resolution. The second area is our recent development of energy transport-state resolved Raman (ET-Raman). This is a breakthrough that pushes the physics process study down to nanosecond and picosecond scales, and is able to simultaneously characterize the conjugated transport of phonons in the in-plane and across-plane directions and transport of hot carriers in the in-plane direction. 2D materials as thin as 1.8 nm have been investigated, and we are able to measure the in-plane thermal conductivity, interface thermal resistance, and hot carrier diffusion coefficient/mobility at the same time. This provides the most advanced and accurate phonon and electron transport study of virgin 2D materials.

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