Groundbreaking held for Guangzhou International Campus
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The groundbreaking ceremony of SCUT’s Guangzhou International Campus was this Wednesday launched at the Guangzhou International Innovation City, Panyu District, meaning the construction of SCUT’s third campus has been formally activated.
The new campus will be hosting 10 schools featuring forefront interdisciplinary fields and a number of research institutes. It will function as a hub for addressing major demands of the country and the region, conducting frontier scientific research, promoting high-end technology transfer, and training top talents for innovative abilities, all of which aim to help Guangdong achieve the goals set for taking the lead on China’s future development.
Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong province, and Wang Yingjun, President of SCUT, attended and addressed the ceremony. Government leaders including Ren Xuefeng, Wen Guohui, Chen Jianhua, Liu Yuelun, leaders of SCUT including Zhang Xichun, Yu Qijun, Tao Shaojing, Zhu Min, Dang Zhi, Li Zheng, as well as prestigious scholars and specialists were also present on the event.
The program of constructing the Guangzhou International Campus was jointly established in March 2017 by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Guangdong’s provincial government, Guangzhou’s municipal government, and SCUT. It is SCUT’s third campus, about four kilometers to the south of SCUT’s University Town Campus.
Enrollment of graduate students is starting from September 2018, while undergraduates are expected to be enrolled in fall 2019.
To learn more information about the new campus, please follow this introduction page:

Source from the University News Center
Translated and compiled by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Cheng Yu