South China Tigers advance to Final of Robomaster 2018
2018-05-25 readCount:502

The South China Tigers, a student robotics team of SCUT, won runner-up of the Southern Division and advanced to the Final of Robomaster 2018, which is a leading competition for student engineers to design, build, and use next-generation robots.
The Tigers, after crowned last year’s double champions of the Southern Division and the Grand Final, finished this year’s race in the Southern Division with a slight regret for not being able to defend the title, but will still be among the most competitive players in the final tournament this July.
In this year’s event, 32 student teams from universities and colleges of the southern China gathered in Foshan to fight robotic wars. After securing four consecutive victories in group and knockout rounds, SCUT’s team qualified for the last battle that was kicked off on May 13, when it encountered the team from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, also known as “the Wizard of the Southwest”, and eventually endured a defeat by 1:3.
The Tigers, during the competition, demonstrated a scientific spirit of preciseness and innovation, as well as an excellent sense of highly-efficient teamwork, but they also learned lessons from the setback, and are now refreshing themselves and improving the performance of their robot machines.
They are expected to give greater performance on the Final that will be held this July, Shenzhen, where 32 teams from around the world will battle for the championship.
RoboMaster is jointly organized by the Communist Youth League of China, the All-China Students' Federation and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is a robotics competition designed to pit university students against each other in the ultimate battle of engineering, strategy, and teamwork.
The main event requires teams to develop and operate six robots that shoot projectiles at opponents, deducting hit points. RoboMaster also includes a separate technical challenge, in which teams develop AI-enabled robots to complete assigned tasks independently.

Source from the School of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu and Cheng Yu