State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering
With the approval of the former State Planning Commission in 1989, this laboratory was completed and open to the outside in 1996, aiming at conducting high-level research of front and applied fields in pulp and paper engineering, developing paper making techniques and equipment of proprietary intellectual property rights, and promoting the sustainable development of the country's paper manufacturing industry. There are 6 research directions in the laboratory, including plant resources chemistry, pulping chemistry and techniques, paper making technology and functional material, pulp and paper making biotechnology, process equipments and information technology, and industrial ecology and environment. It has 39 full-time staff members, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of Russian Academy of Engineering, 3 obtaining National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, 2 specially-appointed Cheung Kong Scholars, 18 professors and 16 associate professors.
Representative achievements:
1) Low-pollution bleaching methods and equipments of high concentration pulp

Chlorine-free bleaching production line of high concentration wheat straw pulp
2) Research on biochemical mechanism of pulping
Pulping microorganism white rot fungi growing on pine wood
3) New low velocity paper making stock discharge box and current stabilization& out gassing equipments and techniques of pulp providing system
The stock discharge box in current stabilization& out gassing manufacturing The application of new low velocity paper making stock discharge box
4) Studies on key research questions concerning sanitary and high efficient conversion and separation application of agricultural and plant residues
The distribution of growth ring and heart center cells
The CLSM graphic of salix monogolica's transverse section
5) Soft-sensing methods in pulp Kappa number in batch pulping process and terminal forecast system
Main Interface of soft-sensing methods in pulp Kappa number in batch pulping process and terminal forecast system