SCUT succeeds in undergraduate education on the HEMC Campus
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ZHANG Zhen-gang and QIU Xueqing attending the workshop

Workshop on ten-year undergraduate education on Higher Education Mega Center (HEMC) Campus was held on Oct. 21.

Xiaoguwei Island has witnessed ten SCUT schools' track from scratch. A collaborative education platform, which was built by School of Bioscience and Bioengineering, is known as an innovator training model with SCUT characteristics. On the platform, students of Genome Innovation Class of "SCUT-Shenzhen Genomics Institute" have published many papers on world-leading academic journals. School of Computer Science and Engineering promotes teaching in English and with a focus on practice, thus its students have obtained awards in global competitions of skills. School of Law (SOL), established on July 16, 2004, was granted first-level discipline doctorate qualification and a post-doctoral research center only in a decade. SOL graduates are welcomed by employers for their good professional skills which are enhanced at co-constructing bases, such as moot court. 

Most schools on HEMC Campus came out at the top of SCUT evaluations of undergraduate teaching. These achievements stemmed from the importance attached to by SCUT, and from the hard work of teachers. Believing in a combination of interest, practice, learning and research, CAI Yi, a teacher of School of Software, develops students’ ability of innovation and competition by emphasizing a balance between practice and competition, CHEN Jinchang, a professor who emphasizes responsibility and love in teaching, points out that teachers should teach students how to learn rather than teaching alone. XIONG Wei, first prize winner of the First National Teaching Contest for College Teachers, is popular among students for his "Multimedia Teaching Method on Blackboard".
Two alumni also shared their stories at the workshop. "I used to be the last to leave the library when I was a student of SCUT. My success is attributed to the free, austere, pragmatic and enterprising atmosphere of SCUT." said by CHEN Di, an entrepreneur who is on Forbes list of the 30 under 30 in China. After telling three stories, JIN Xin, who is good at science, said that steadfast attitude to research, diligence in learning and open management of teaching make him move forward on the path of scientific research.
It is said that the workshop includes five sub-sessions which will be held at the end of this October and the beginning of next month. After exchanging experience with each other, these schools will set their own development plans and targets in a new decade concerning talent training, scientific research, collaborative innovation, cross-border education, and global cooperation.  
Edited by HU Nanping and WU Yuyu
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