SCUT Graduates’ Sports Meeting kicks off
November 10,2014 09:20:00 readCount:6389
QIU Xueqing making a speech
 Firing lighting stage
Dragon dance     
 Long jump


On Nov.2, 2014, the 31st SCUT Graduates’ Sports Meeting opened on the East Sports Field on Wushan Campus. The event was also the opening ceremony of 21st SCUT Graduates’ Cultural Festival. QIU Xueqing, Vise President and Head of Graduate School, was present at the ceremony. Staff of Office of CPC Committee, Publicizing Division and Graduate School as well as 1,500 teachers and students participated in it.
Teams of national flag, colourful flags and graduates of 25 schools marched past for the review. The lighting stage was fired by the last torchbearer after oaths of referees and athletes and torch relay. A cheerleading team and a dragon-lion dance fueled an ardent atmosphere with their dynamic and vigorous performance.
It was reported that the 31st Sports Meeting attracted more than 1,500 participants from 25 schools. New records were made in Male 100-metre Race, Male 200-metre Race, Female Triple Jump and Female Solid Ball. School of Electronic and Information Engineering won the champion.
Edited by HU Nanping and WU Yuyu
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