SCUT wins more NSFC important programs
November 13,2014 15:25:33 readCount:6623
Approval letter issued by NSFC


SCUT has obtained 17 important programs funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 2014, with a total fund of 53.45 million yuan. The number of the programs attained by SCUT is on top of the list. Compared with the performance in 2013 when it won 9 key programs with a fund of 25.696 million yuan, SCUT makes a new record of yearly growth of 88.9% and 108% respectively in 2014. The important programs obtained by SCUT encompass eight key programs with 28.5 million yuan funds, two major programs with 6.68 million yuan funds, two national major programs for the producing of scientific research instruments with 6.3 million yuan funds, two international (regional) cooperation and exchange programs with 4.8 million yuan funds, and three programs of NSFC-Guangdong joint funds with 7.17 million yuan.

Edited by HU Nanping and WU Yuyu
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