Seminar on Discipline Development of CE held in SCUT
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Scene of the seminar
WANG Yingjun making a speech
Introducing topics of the seminar
Experts sharing their opinions

From Nov. 26th to Nov. 29th, the young and middle-aged scholars’ seminar on discipline development of Chemical Engineering (CE) was held in the Center Hotel of SCUT, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. OUYANG Pingkai and QIAN Xuhong, academicians of Academy of Engineering, DUAN Xue, TIAN He and ZHANG Tao, academicians of Academy of Science, and president WANG Yingjun and vice president QIU Xueqing attended the meeting.
At the meeting, 5 academicians and over 60 excellent young scholars had heated discussions on several aspects of CE: priority research areas, direction of development, technological problems, and existing problems etc. They all agreed that through discussion, CE should try to find out the key scientific problems in the demand of resource, energy, environment, and to improve its independent innovation capability.
It is reported that, since 2012, the seminar has started to invite young and middled-aged scholars of CE supported by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars(NSFDYS), to discuss the international development trend and frontier direction of CE, and locate the bottleneck problems that restrains its development; so as to to promote the development of basic research on CE in our country.
Edited by WEN Qiang and DONG Peiyun
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